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Raunaq Group of Companies

“Frozen seafood, Fresh ideas, Great taste”

Quality Policy Statement



Raunaq group of companies is leading Seafood Processing and Exporting company servicing key markets across the World. The business supplies Premium Quality seafood consistently to their customer with a motto.


Raunaq group of companies recognises the importance of exceeding customer expectation in the supply of quality products and services to meet the requirements of our customers and regulators. It is our aim to supply the right product, in the right place at the right time, every time by controlling our processes. From the Purchase and use of raw materials in production through to customer delivery, we aim to minimise product risks and drive performance.


Raunaq group of companies is committed to:



     Operating a formal integrated management system that meets the requirements of HACCP, BRC and other applicable food standards.


     Operating formalised product certification schemes that are validated by a third party.


     Continual  improvement  of  the  effectiveness  of  the  QMS  through:


ü The  setting  of  short  and  long  term  business  objectives

ü Controlling  and  revising  our  systems  by  regular  IMS  management  reviews


ü Ensuring our employees understand the QMS requirements and provide suitable training to deliver the business needs

ü Communicating openly and consulting with our Customers.


     Focusing  on  the  customer  expectations  and  needs  by:


ü Producing  products  that  meet  customer  needs


ü Defining and measuring our key performance indicators for product quality and service, ensuring our business processes meet performance targets


ü Actively  seeking  and  analysing  customer  feedback  and  taking  appropriate  actions


     Integrating quality considerations into risk analysis and decision making on all levels through our supply chain.


     Formally reviewing this policy annually and as the needs of the business change and re-issuing as required.


This policy applies to all Raunaq Group of Companies operations and is communicated to all employees and other interested parties. This policy will be displayed throughout the business and forms part of the induction training for employees.


The success of this policy will be achieved through a competent and committed workforce and by developing a culture where the behaviour of every employee can make a real difference.


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